Karl Chudzinski RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

Karl is a Registered Massage therapist in good standing with the College of massage therapy of Ontario.
Karl has been practicing for 3 years as a member of the Registered massage therapy association of
Ontario. Karl follows an evidence-based practice that incorporates a hands on approach while also
providing rehabilitative homecare. He uses soft tissue mobilization techniques within his practice to help
patients dealing with a wide variety of mental or physical ailments. Karl specializes in sports recovery
and chronic rehabilitative injuries. Karl has treated a wide variety of patients which includes experience
in treating pregnancy patients and infant massage.

Karl is always looking to add new modalities or techniques to his treatment practice along with
continuing education courses. He specializes in Trigger point therapy, Myofascial restrictions and has
also had experience specifically with Temporal mandibular dysfunction. He is a big believer in finding the
underlying issue to help alleviate your pain.

Karl enjoys using sports massage or deep tissue techniques. He incorporates these massages with
assessments to help figure out the dysfunction you are having. Karl believes with this massage the rehab
is just as important. Making sure to strengthen the given area that we just released.

Karl strives for a healthy lifestyle exercising daily to help give the best possible treatment to each client.
He has played a number of sports over the years ranging from basketball, hockey and baseball. He is a
huge Toronto sports fan and unfortunately watches the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sundays.

Karl Is currently taking on new patients and is eagerly looking to assist many of your needs