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Crystal Leochko
Fertility Coach - Fertility Blooms
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My name is Crystal and I have had fertility challenges for over 7 years. I have gone through almost everything you can imagine, from miscarriages to the rare 1 in 65,000 cases of ovarian ectopic pregnancy. Highs and lows through the years of IUI’s, IVF’s and all the emotions and financial pressures that come with this. Listening to doctors and not trusting my gut, not taking control of my journey but putting it in the hands of the “Professionals.”

During this process, I have learned one thing, we do have the power and control over our fertility. I learned that my doctor was using the fear approach and that fear affected my fertility. As I would sit in the waiting rooms of the fertility clinics, packed with women of all ages looking stressed and scared, but with the desperation of trying to stay positive and hopeful, it became clear that I had to do something about this.

In December 2017 I created a non-profit called Blooming Hopes Fertility with the mission of creating awareness, provide resources and to help financially where needed. While working on the non-profit, I would have calls and emails from women with infertility asking for guidance, wanting to know what their next steps should be; where they should turn or just needing someone to talk to that has been in their shoes. Wanting to help, even more, I have taken the Fertility Specialist Coaching Certification so I can better help anyone that needs guidance along their journey.

Recently I launched Fertility Blooms (, which provides clients personalized emotional, physical or informational support. I provide evidenced-based solutions so they can gain back control of their fertility, and make the right decisions for themselves. My mission is to help those suffering from infertility know that they are not alone and give them the confidence to pursue their journey.

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