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IV Therapy is the administration of nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) directly into the bloodstream. It is the fastest way to deliver nutrients to the body.

All IV Therapy Treatments are customized and are compounded/delivered in clinic by our ND, Dr. Kristin Wootton. 

Advantages of IV Therapy
  1. Better nutrient absorption - Nutrient delivery directly into cells

  2. High dosage

  3. Fewer side effects compared to oral supplements

  4. Increase hydration

  5. Customized nutrient formulations

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Conditions that can benefit from IV Therapy
  1. Chronic Fatigue

  2. Weak Immune systems (frequent or chronic infections, infection prevention)

  3. Digestive concerns (IBS, IBD, Celiac)

  4. Migraines/Headaches

  5. Muscle Recovery

  6. Hormone imbalances (hot flashes, PMS, anxiety, fertility)

IV Therapy Appointment Flow:
  1. 15 minute meet and greet
  2. Initial IV Naturopathic Appointment
  3. IV Treatments
IV Therapy FAQ's
  1. How long is an IV treatment? IV treatments last on average 60-90 minutes. This time may change depending on what is in your IV bag. 
  2. How frequently do I need an IV treatment? Most patients will do IV treatments monthly to keep their levels up. Frequency of treatment will be discussed in your Initial IV appointment. 
  3. Is anything needed before I can get my first IV? Certain blood tests and assessments must be completed before your first IV. This is why the meet and greet is a great place to start. 
  4. Are IV treatments covered by my benefits? A portion of your IV appointment can be covered under your naturopathic benefits. 
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